Alex Rodriguez is a deadbeat and even his lawyers hate him now

Jennifer Warner
Contributing Writer
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Everyone's most-loathed, and previously frosted-tipped PED abuser is back in the news again. No surprise there, since no one loves themselves more than Alex Rodriguez.  But, these days, the only one loving "A-Roid", is A-Roid, as even his own lawyer is now suing him for not paying his bill.

Noted Sports Attorney David Cornwell's law firm, Gordon & Rees, had been representing Rodriguez through his drug investigation and subsequent appeal process, when the 39-year-old third baseman was suspended by Major League Baseball for the 2014 season for allegedly using banned substances.  A-Roid admitted to using banned substances in 2001-2003 while with the Texas Rangers, but has denied use of them since they became universally banned by Major League Baseball in 2003.

In Federal Court papers filed yesterday, the firm is alleging that Rodriguez has failed to pay them more than $380,000 in fees related to the work that they have done for him while he was fighting his BioGenesis doping suspension.  The firm is also seeking numerous other fees and pre-judgment interests which could end up totaling more than $500,000 when all is said and done.

The 12-page complaint stated that Rodriguez refused to pay the balance of the legal bill at the direction of a "top adviser" at Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports Management division.  "Most recently, Mr. Rodriguez admitted that his advisers at Roc Nation instructed him 'not to pay the invoices, and to make Gordon & Rees sue' him," the complaint alleges.

Reportedly, Gordon & Rees filed for arbitration back in February demanding payment, but Rodriguez did not respond to the complaint.  A spokesperson for Rodriguez commented, "Alex Rodriguez has already paid substantial legal fees to this firm.  There are additional fees being sought from hours that continued to be billed and are the source of the disagreement between the parties.  Alex looks forward to swiftly resolving this matter and moving on."

Much to the joy of baseball fans everywhere, there was some speculation in May of this year that Rodriguez had intended to cut a deal with Major League Baseball and retire, but most recently, he has stated that he is "looking forward to returning to the New York Yankees in 2015."

The world of Major League baseball has been a much better place without Rodriguez in it in 2014, but like a Herpes outbreak, he still manages to keep popping up.  Let's just all hope that between now and Spring Training 2015, A-Fraud resolves these delusions of grandeur regarding a valiant return to the Yankees, and finds some other source of income to NOT pay his bills with.

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