Scott Boras says he isn't worried about Bogaerts' and Drew's awful starts....obviously

"Don't worry Xander, I'll make you look good no matter what"

Nick Tarantino
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Xander Bogaerts' and Stephen Drew's agent Scott Boras said that he isn't worried about their slow starts, and they will turn it around. Here is what he said regarding both of his clients:

For Bogaerts:
"You come up to the big leagues your first year and there's no expectancy, and the other thing is the league doesn't know you," said Boras. "You've got to remember that Xander has had very little time in the Minor Leagues and he's learning how to hit sliders and breaking balls and the timing of it in the Major Leagues. Athletically, there is nothing that Xander can't do," Boras said. "I think we all trust that and know that the one thing he can't do is accelerate experience. When you have great, precocious athletes, they've conquered every dynamic that's given them. I don't think in the Minor Leagues they have sliders like that. He's just getting those at-bats and getting the timing. And I think we're going to see him once he gets that part where you wait and you stay inside the ball, and he gets that timing and the depth of the ball, he gets a significant amount of experience. And then, watch out."

For Drew:
"I think it's all a function of timing," said Boras. "One of the things is Stephen is stronger. He's the strongest he's ever been in his career. He's had a good deal of time to work out, he was at our sports fitness institute every day, really made a diligent effort. He's a guy who has strength under him.

Well, who would have guessed that an agent, espescially Boras, is defending their players? OBVIOUSLY your agent is going to defend you, that's like, half of his job; get you money, and make you look good.

His defense for Bogaerts, I think, is spot on. Yes, Xander came up and nobody knew him. They didn't know his strengths or his weaknesses. So, he did well because he is a good baseball player. Now that he's had more time in the league pitchers are figuring out his hot and cold spots.

We were all so excited for Xander because of what he did for us in the playoffs and World Series last year. The guy was great and fun to watch, being it his first time in the Majors. I think that's why we are all calm with him and have faith in this awful, awful slump. We know what he is capable of, he's a young guy going through a learning curve and will get back to where he was last year. It happens with like 80% of young guys, the Majors is a big leap.

I also feel that his switch to third is messing things up but I already wrote that and don't want to get angry again.

Now, with Boras' defense on this "professional baseball player" we call Stephen Drew, is he serious? "Oh he's been going to the gym a lot! He'll be better you just wait and watch!" Wow, real riveting stuff there, Scotty.

The dude's 31. He sucked last year for us hitting .253 with 13 homers and 67 RBI. He was hard to watch in the entire playoffs last year hitting .111 with 1 HR and 4 RBI. (That homerun was game 6 of the World Series when the Sox were already up 3-0 and won the game 6-1, so it didn't do much to actually make a difference.) This year he's hitting similar to the postseason at .151 with 2 HR's and 5 RBI.

As you can see, I hate Stephen Drew. I think he is a waste of money. He's taking Xander's thunder. He really isn't even that great at defense as everyone says he is. Remember Alex Gonzalez? That guy was great at defense and hit the ball a few more times than Drew.

So, yeah, I'm obviously biased in this argument, but I haven't been given a reason not to. It's easy to see that Drew sucks and Boras is trying to cover his ass, and that Bogaerts is going through a legitamite, however long, slump. No two ways about it. The numbers prove it along with general baseball knowledge. Maybe I'm being ignorant, but there's some good stuff out there to back it up.

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