Jon Lester tables contract talks til season is over

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According to ESPN, Jon Lester and the Red Sox have tabled contract talks 'til after the season.

Apparently Lester didn't want to talk about his contract until the season is over and Lucchino and the Sox respected his wishes.

This obviously makes sense for Lester, having the best season of his career with a 10-7 record and an ERA of 2.50, good enough for 5th in the AL and 8th in all of the MLB. But I mean how stupid is Lucchino? Your offer of 4/$70 mil was a kick in the dick to Lester. He's been your ace for years, a GREAT post-season player, and one of the best in the MLB this year. He's proven his worth. Give him his money you moron. Yeah, he's said he is willing to take a home town discount but I mean how little can we offer him at the end of the season with the way it's going? He's gonna demand a lot of money in the open market.

I don't know, I'm not a money guy with sports. I should be for credibility but I just don't get into it. Either way, I think we can all agree Lester's gone and we all can cry ourselves to sleep tonight knowing Lucchino sucks.