Sox deadline blueprint and who could get the axe

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Conor Frederick (@C_Frederick1016)
Contributing Writer

In the last edition of my weekly trade rumors roundup on Tuesday, I took a look at who on the Red Sox could be out. Today, I'll go a little farther and examine what the blueprint should be for the Sox at the trade deadline, and which veterans are the most likely to leave.

Blueprint: Bleacher Report says that the Red Sox need to get rid of veterans and give the young guns a chance, as this is a lost season. While I agree to some extent, I still have a shred of hope that the Sox can go on a tear post-All Star Break if they make the right move(s) at the deadline. I may be delusional, but I keep thinking about 2004 and how the Sox went on a tear after dealing Nomar Garciapara to the Chicago Cubs and getting a number of key players in return. If they could deal someone, Peavy for instance, and get a bat in return, there would still be hope, I think. I'll understand if you all want to call me delusional - it's a slim hope, but I'm an optimist.

So, who goes? Bleacher Report has Koji Uehara at 2-1 odds to be traded and Jon Lester at 5-1 odds, but of all the Sox players, those 2 are probably the most valuable to the Red Sox slim hopes, but they could also fetch a lot if they are dealt to the right team, Lester especially. Uehara (age 39) still has 1-2 years left and could be valuable to a contending team who is trying to win this year, but if a team is on the edge or not in contention, his value diminishes. Lester, however, could be especially valuable, given his talent and postseason resume. And he still has a few years left, so he could be valuable to a team who is close to being contenders but just needs one or two more pieces. Of course, I doubt any Sox fan would want either of these guys gone, as they're hardly part of the problem. And if you still have any hope, these 2 guys are must-keeps...or must-sells, depending on what another team offers.

Stephen Drew is 6-1 to get traded according to Bleacher Report, but given that no one picked him up until the Sox brought him back for $10.1 million earlier this summer. Not to mention his .141 average could drive down any price. His defense is solid, but given the lack of production at the plate and the fact that he was waiting around for so long before the Sox re-signed him, I'm guessing his value on the trading block is minimal. Jake Peavy however, is expendable and just might fetch something in return. He's 1-7 right now, and there are plenty of pitchers waiting in the minors that are more than capable of picking up his slack.

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