Red Sox Nation heartfelt birthday wishes for Clay Buchholz

Happy Birthday Clay Buchholz?
Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

We have all watched Clay Buchholz grow older and better with the Red Sox as a solid starting pitcher since breaking into the Majors in 2007.

We also know that the last few years have taxed the Red Sox Nation to its very limits.

Last year he was phenomenal up to another injury that blew pretty much the entire second half of his season.

This year he has achieved a feat few can be proud of, more than tripling his ERA from last season.

So this week when the Red Sox used their Twitter account to ask for public birthday wishes for Clay Buchholz, it was rather fun to watch them vent a little.

Can you blame Red Sox Nation for teeing off on this?

Red Sox Nation has been enduring a season where Buchholz has epitomized the failures leading up to the recent fire sale and change of focus to 2015.

Nothing wrong with a bit of honesty right?

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