Brock Holt illness leads to darker symptoms

Collision from Aug 25 vs Blue Jays
Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

The Red Sox infielder and all around super hero Brock Holt has not played since Sep. 5.

We thought he left the game with dizziness due to the bug that was going around that sidelined Mike Napoli and Will Middlebrooks last week, but it appears that Holt continues to have concussion-like symptoms.

He was sent yesterday to be examined by Dr. Michael Collins, a head trauma specialist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

It all seems to be the residual effects of a collision with Pedroia during a game at Toronto on Aug. 25. Holt played 10 games after Pedroia accidentally hit him the head with his forearm. He did not complain of problems at the time.

“He was showing some signs of improvement the last couple of days. Still, some of the lightheadedness and dizziness has not cleared up,” Farrell said.

Collins has treated several Red Sox players for concussions in recent seasons, including Stephen Drew and David Ross.

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