Cole Hamels to Boston?

Brian Hines (@BringLesterBack)
Contributing Writer

Hamels could be on the Red Sox radar this offseason
Source: Drew Hallowell/Getty Images North America
There has been many rumors about the Philadelphia Phillies moving their all-star pitcher Cole Hamels this offseason. One team that might want him, the Red Sox. They need pitching help and could find that in Hamels.

Hamels is locked in with Philadelphia on a 4 year 90 million dollar deal, which is the only reason the Sox are linked to his name. Henry has made it very clear that he does not want to give the older pitchers the big 5-6 year deals for max money. Hamels would provide the Red Sox with the 'ace' they need at the front of the rotation.

But is it worth it? I say no.

Hamels is a great pitcher and is locked up, but I don't see him fitting in with the Sox or in the AL East. He's one of those guys I see just as a NL pitcher. Hamels has also released a list to the Phillies of teams he is not interested in being traded to, and yes the Red Sox were on the list. If he has little to no interest in being here I don't think it's a smart move to got out there and give up many good, young players and prospects.

Betts has impressed in his recent stint with the Sox.
Lets hope he's shown enough, that the Sox hold onto him.
So if a deal with Hamels is made what will the Red Sox give up. Its going to start with our number one prospect, Mookie Betts. As soon as the Phillies bring Betts' name into the mix I'm declining any trade. He's to valuable in my opinion and he's been a spark since he's been recalled. I hope they hang on to this kid and I think selling him for a guy like Hamels is not worth it at all.

And why should we even trade for Hamels? This year free agent pitching class is deep. The Red Sox are reported to go after at least one big name like a Scherzer, Lester or Shields. I like any of those guys over Hamels, and you don't have to give up Mookie to get them.

If I'm the Red Sox this winter I'm focusing on free agency to improve the team and not trading our future away for a guy who doesn't want to be here.