James Shields To The Sox?

Mike Davis
Contributing Writer

The Red Sox should make James Shields a decent offer. It would cost them about 100 million for a four year contract.  This would cost the Red Sox less money than Jon Lester.  He would be a veteran starter that could help teach the young prospects.  

This would be great because it would guarantee them an opening day starter.  He could play a vital role in helping them get to the playoffs next year.  He  would be a really great addition.  Shields will need to be reliable especially with all of the rookies that are projected to be in the rotation next season.

James Shields has the reputation of being a nice guy who is always willing to help.  His nickname is Big Game James and the Sox need someone like that more than ever now.  He could be the ace in the rotation.

While all of the other teams are chasing Lester and Scherzer, the Sox should be focused on James Shields.  Hopefully, this move will help them contend next season.

Stats and photo from Bleacherreport.com