Off Season pick ups that could go wrong

The Boston Red Sox are in need of a consistent thirdbase men. The question is who? They have some players within the system that they could work from within and save some money for their pitching rotation. 

The players that could possibly fit at third are Brock Holt and Mookie Betts. If the Red Sox move  Betts to third it'd be a stretch, because he played second base for the majority of his career.  Xander Bogaerts gave it a try, but that didn't go over so well. Brock Holt has played third during the 2013 season so he'd be the front runner as of today. 

Holt also has great hands and a lot of speed, which give him plenty of potential on offense. So, why risk spending the cash on a free agent when we could give that money to a pitcher. 

Betts is a solid second basemen, but we simply can't move Pedroia. He's also played center field, but that spot is going to be held by Rusney Castillo in 2015.

There are talks about the Red Sox being interested in third basemen Pablo Sandoval. This would be a bigger risk than reward. Sandoval has struggled with his weight in recent years. Although he now has has a personal chef (his oldest broth Luis) it's still something to keep an eye on. The biggest risk is Sandoval's struggles at the plate that lasted 3 months or more the past few seasons. If the Sox wanted a third basemen who can't be consistent at the plate they'd just keep Will Middlebrooks. For now Brock Holt seems to be the best duct tape until the Sox can find some cement at the hot corner.