Yoenis Cespedes not sure about extension in Boston.

Jorge Camargo
Contributing Writer

Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images
Since the blockbuster trade that sent Jonny Gomes and Jon Lester to the Oakland A's and brought Yoenis Cespedes to Boston, Yoenis has been a major RBI machine for the Red Sox. After yesterday's victory against the Yankees, the 28-year old outfielder reached 100 RBI in a single season for the first time in his young career, stating again why he is the batter that the Red Sox needed during the first half of the season. Cespedes reached 100 RBI when he went 2-4 with RBI singles in the first and second innings. The amazing thing is that in this season, only 11 players have reached the 100 RBI record (David Ortiz among them).

Yoenis Cespedes power is undeniable and his contribution to the 2014 Red Sox has been outstanding, and since he is reaching the free agency after the 2015 season, it should be obvious that the Red Sox must look for a contract extension. The problem seems to be that "La Potencia" is not sure about it. After yesterday's game, this is what he said about a contract extension with the Boston Red Sox:

"I'm not still sure if I want to sign an extension or if I want to be a free agent," Yoenis Cespedes said with the help of his interpreter Adrian Lorenzo. "It's too soon."

The fact is that whether he stays in Boston or not, the back-to-back Home Run Derby Champion will land a mammoth contract. His comments seem to be a little discouraging, but let's see if the 2015 lineup can keep up with his offense so that he can change his mind.

Do you think Yoenis Cespedes is a keeper for the Boston Red Sox? Does the Red Sox "won" the trade by sending Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes to the A's and receiving the RBI machine? Leave your comments below.

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