3 Reasons why the Kansas City Royals can still win.

Jorge Camargo
Contributing Writer

Photo by CBS Sports
In a few minutes, Game 6 of the World Series will begin. Baseball season can come to an end since the Giants are leading by three games and winning tonight would end the World Series. But can the Kansas City Royals still come back to win the Fall Classic? This postseason has been nuts and no lead is safe...

Here are the three best reasons why Kansas can still win:

1.- Jake Peavy is pitching tonight

Don't get me wrong, I'm a Peavy fan and I will be forever thankful for what he did last year, but let's just face the facts and accept that he's no longer the 2007 Cy Young. The key to Royals' success tonight is that Yordano Ventura pitches better than Peavy, and given the fact that the Giants pitcher has gone fewer than 6IP in all of his 8 career postseasons starts, and that Kansas has a 3-0 record this postseason when Yordano is the starting pitcher, Kansas has a huge advantage.

Photo by USA Today

2.- Home Field Advantage

When the Royals won Game 3 in the AT&T Stadium, they forced a Game 6 in Kauffman Stadium. The Giants won the 2010 and 2012 World Series as visitors, but Rangers Ballpark and Comerica Park weren't as much as pumped up as Kansas crowd has been this postseason. The fact that the Royals didn't make it to the postseason for almost three decades is one huge reason for the crowd to push the Royals to win.

3.- Billy Butler, the DH.

Since Billy Butler is usually the DH, he only had a few moments at the plate back in San Francisco. He's no Big Papi, but he's having a solid postseason with .262 avg, 7 RBI and even a stolen base. The Royals have a big chance of producing more than two or three runs with Butler batting 5th.


Do you think the Royals can overcome the fact that "2014 is an even year"? Who are you choosing to win tonight? Leave your comments below.