What's wrong with Cespedes and why coaches hate him?

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Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

In July of this year at the trade deadline the Red Sox looked to take advantage of the Athletics by swapping out Jonny
Gomes and Jon Lester for Yoenis Cespedes.

A power bat to bolster a failing youthful lineup, which worked out pretty well it seemed at the time with Cespedes slashing .269/.296/.423 with a .719 OBP for the Red Sox.

Then we watched him in left field, with a sometimes lazy approach to the game that showed occasional balls hit out to him seemingly catching him off guard.

He miss played balls that he could have easily caught and we are not referring to wall balls that tripped him up, but balls that he seem to have gotten bad jumps to or just plain misplayed.

Was it that he figured his strong arm would make up for any lazy miscues?

Something did not sit right with the Red Sox who initially considered offering the 30-year-old Cespedes a four- to five-year deal before last season ended.

Now that he has switched agents, to one that is almost as famous as Scott Boras for raking in cash on their free agent deals, the Red Sox have taken a sharper tack away from signing him at all.

Two reasons the Red Sox are open to dealing Cespedes are his open disenchantment with Boston and his refusal to pay any heed to their coaches.

In a direct quote from a Red Sox insider, "The coaches all hate him..."

How long do you think that will work out on a team that has thrived on camaraderie when their engines are firing on all cylinders?

If these reports are true that Cespedes and the Red Sox aren't fans of each other then it will not be a question of if a trade happens, but when.

Boston will have to get a legitimate starting pitcher back in return at least, as power is hard to come by these days and there isn't anybody in the Sox minor leagues ready to add a great deal of it.

Bottom line, Cespedes does not like Boston.

He is a free agent end of 2015, one you can't let walk.

Red Sox coaching staff can't stand him.

With the need for starting pitching a priority in this off season, the Red Sox are exploring what it might take to get Cole Hamels from the Phillies. The problem is that the Phillies are not interested in Cespedes.

The Mets could be a good candidate to do a deal involving Cespedes as they have a surplus of starting pitching.

Whomever the lucky winner will be in the deal that involves Cespedes, his attitude will come with him.

Good riddance.

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