Clash of Clans addiction nearly killed Royals season

Photo from NESN
Conor Frederick (@C_Frederick1016)
Contributing Writer

I'm sure some of you have heard of the iPad/iPhone/Android game "Clash of Clans." If you haven't, it's an addictive strategy game where you build up your village and battle other players online. And it is addictive - really addictive. I can attest to this...and so can the Kansas City Royals, apparently. According to NESN, the Royals season was nearly derailed by Clash of Clans, at least until manager Ned Yost stepped in.

According to NESN, there was a period where the players seemed solely focused on the game in late July that coincided with the Royals dropping below .500. After the coaching staff stepped in, the Royals went on a tear, winning 16 of their last 19.

I understand that this game is addictive, being a regular player myself, and I also find it alittle funny that it nearly derailed the Royals season, but given where they are now, it's easy to laugh at something like this. I'm sure if they have continued to dip, Royals fans wouldn't find this so funny, but it's all in good fun now since they're in the Fall Classic playing for the ultimate prize.