Red Sox need to cover Koji Uehara bet

Covering the closer bet?
Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

While there has been a ton of activity on the line about the Red Sox chase of the bit off season tickets Jon Lester and Pablo Sandavol, it is the smaller targets that could mean the most to the Red Sox chances of contending in the coming years.

Take Andrew Miller as the top example.

He is a left handed reliever traded at the deadline to the Orioles, "...who posted one of the best relief seasons over the last decade (2.02 ERA with 103 strikeouts in 62 1/3 innings) while pitching for the Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles in 2014."

With money to spend this off season they just might have more than enough inclination to chase down this key piece to solve some of the potential problems the could have if their bet on the 39-year-old closer Koji Uehara should fail.

Remember, the Red Sox signed Uehara to a two-year, $18 million deal as their first move this off season.

According to another source, the Red Sox are "very serious" about their pursuit of Miller. The feeling is that Miller's relationships with the front office, coaching staff and current players add a significant comfort to both sides.

Miller won't come cheap though. He's seeking "at least" a four-year deal unless the annual average value of the contract is "astounding."

As for why the Red Sox could be the most advantageous club for the future of Miller, just look at the closer situation as it unfolded in 2014.

With Miller interested in closing and Uehara having shown that he is human and can have problems as he did in 2014, it would be the perfect setup for the Red Sox to have Miller in the wings ready to step into this role.

In 2015 Miller will be 30 years old, meaning the Red Sox could sign him through his 34 year old season.

Uehara, who turns 40 in 2015, is signed through 2016 and Miller could sign with the Red Sox on a 3 year deal around something like $27 million.

This would put him is a great spot to continue to dominate as a bridge to the closer and eventually step up into the closer role at any time it would be needed.

The Red Sox can not afford to miss this perfect chance to put together a dominating back end of their bullpen that can survive the next 3 years at least.

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