One last goodbye to Lester

Brian Hines (@BringLesterBack)
Contributing Writer

As Jon Lester has made his million dollar decision, sadly he did not pick to return with the Boston Red Sox. Instead he decided to sign with Theo and the Cubs. He made the biggest decision of his life. One that not only impacted him, but his wife and two children. Over your seasons with Boston we fell in love with you. Here's how we all feel about you Jon.

Jon, we love you. We love your wife, Farrah and we love your children Hudson and Walker. When you were drafted into this organization in 2002 you were just another pitcher. But we watched you develop from a small kid from Tacoma, to a 2 time World Series Champion, a fantastic husband, father and man. Through your time in Boston you represented the best of Red Sox Baseball, and even the best of Boston. You proved how tough you were and made Boston proud. You proved to be made of Red Sox Baseball- hard work, respect, integrity and of course determination. 

I will never forget that May night in 2008. I sat down on my couch like many other members of Red Sox Nation did that night to watch a ball game. I remember you pitching a gem. I remember the final out of the no hitter against the Royals. I screamed for joy and even shred a few tears not just because you throw a no hitter, because you did it. You actually did it. You did not only battle cancer you beat it, heck you destroyed it. 

I'll never forget the time you took the mound in the World Series. In 2007 you came in and got the win. You went 5.2 innings and only gave up 3 hits, along with no runs. Last year you pitched Game 1 and Game 5 for us, winning both. You got us ahead in the series both time. In those games you pitched 15.1 innings. You had a 0.59 ERA as you only gave up 1 run. You were our ace. You were our guy. 

When the news broke this summer that you were traded it devastated us. The front office made a mistake, a big one. But we the fans, held our ground. We started petitions, carried signs around Fenway and Boston and even would give you money out of our last paycheck to bring you back home. We wanted our pitcher back. Our pitcher who resembles everything a Red Sox should be. 

Through the good and the bad, the wins and the loses, you remained a true Red Sox. It will be tough not having you wear that number 31 and leading our rotation next season. The memories have been amazing. Just know that we wish you the best of luck in Chicago and we will always be behind you. You will always have our love, respect and support no matter who you pitch for. You're our guy. You were our ace. Now go be an ace for Chicago. Best of luck Jon. We will miss you.