Rusney Castillo spring obstructed by oblique

 (Cliff Welch)
Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Last week Rusney Castillo went down with a strained left oblique, but it looks like he is coming back faster then first suggested.

He has been able to take some dry swings and do some light throwing this week at Fort Myers training complex, while Mookie Betts has been filling in full time in center and impressing everyone.

"Not have him as your center fielder and leadoff hitter? Are you kidding me?" said one of the scouts. "This guy could be an All-Star. This guy could be an All-Star this year. He could have been Rookie of the Year last year if he’d had more at-bats. He could be their best player."

It seems like Castillo needs to hurry back and might be feeling the pressure of missing his chance to impress.

Manager John Farrell stated that his progress was coming along faster than expected so we might see Castillo back in the lineup as early as this weekend.

Look for him to make up for time lost last week.

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