How's Jackie Bradley Jr. doing?

Jorge Camargo
Contributing Writer

Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images
Remember Jackie Bradley Jr.? That rookie phenom that caused a lot of hype during the 2013 season. After losing Jacoby Ellsbury to the New York Yankees, the Red Sox promoted Bradley Jr. to be the starting CF for the 2014 season. He resulted to be an unbalanced player, with extraordinary fielding abilities that gave him a Gold Glove nomination; but with a hitting performance below The Mendoza line. Bradley Jr. finished the season with a .198 batting average, with just two doubles, one home run and thirty RBI. He was even criticized for being stubborn and it was rumored that that attitude was the deciding factor that brought him back to the minors during the last month of the season. Well, we all know how Boston Sports Media can act towards some things.

Well, after having a horrible offensive season in 2014, during the offseason he said that he planned to go "All Marshawn Lynch". Spring Training came around and as usual, he had a solid perfomance. Bradley Jr. batted .378/.462/.444 in 45 AB, but was sent back to the Minors along with Rusney Castillo.

So, how's he doing now?

On Wednesday he went 2-4, with a double and scored one of the three runs on Pawtucket Red Sox' 8-3 loss to Buffalo. It's too early to say that Bradley Jr. is going "All Marshawn Lynch" at the plate, but it seems that he's getting better. He's batting .311/.364/.393 in 61 AB and we know that this stats will never trasnfer to the Majors, but it's a good sign of things to come. With Castillo on the DL, Bradley Jr. would be the first Red Sox OF to be called up in case they needed one.

He has a .292 lifetime BA in the Minors and a .198 in the Majors, tho.

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