Pedro: "Manny being Manny" sometimes included impromptu sleepovers

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Conor Frederick (@C_Frederick1016)
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Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez is releasing a book on Tuesday entitled "PEDRO" according NESN, and an exerpt was released on where he talks about his rivalry with the Yankees and other things. He also talked about ex-teammate Manny Ramirez:

“Manny was just a kid, one I wanted to take care of,” Martinez explains, via the excerpt. “On the road he sometimes was afraid to go to sleep by himself. He’d come up to my room, where Ortiz and some teammates and I would be hanging out. After a while we’d look over and there would be Manny, under my covers, fully dressed, snoring. I always had a suite with an extra bed, so I didn’t mind if he had a sleepover. That was just Manny being Manny.”

On the Yankees:

“Derek Jeter was up next, and I sailed one in on his hands and got him good,” Martinez recalled, per the excerpt. “Both he and Soriano had to leave the game early to have X‑rays taken. I told some teammates, ‘At least I gave them a discount on an ambulance — they both got to go in the same one.’ That comment surprised Derek Lowe. He told me he figured that when I hit batters, it was an accident 90 percent of the time. He was 100 percent wrong. When I hit a batter, it was 90 percent intentional.”

Read the full excerpt on here
. If the excerpt is anything to judge by, this is one book you'll have to pick up if you're a Red Sox fan.