An Ode to Mom: Happy Mothers Day to the moms of RSN!

Today, America celebrates its moms, and in honor of this special day, we here at Red Sox Life decided to take a trip down memory lane and look back on some of our fondest Sox-related memories with ours moms.

Conor Frederick:   
Mom, 7/10/2011

There are a lot to choose from for me - I think my mom has been to as many games with me as my dad has, especially in the past couple of years, so it made it hard to choose just one, but I would have to choose July 10, 2011 against Baltimore. This one sticks out in my mind because I got the tickets from an internship I had at the time, and the seats were great - up the 3rd base line almost to the Green Monster. I also remember that particular game because it was when I started collecting those souvenir cups (which I still do to this day). And I remember that one because it was a great comeback win for the Sox. The Sox won that day, 8-6, and they came back after giving up 6 in the second and blanking the Orioles the rest of the way.

Ian Vescera:

Although I have not attended a Red Sox game with my mom, we have been to numerous PawSox games together. Spending summer nights at McCoy Stadium is something we love to do. She likes baseball, but mostly goes to games so we can spend time together. She knows baseball is one of my biggest interests and she wants to be a part of that.

My favorite Red Sox related story about my mom occurred just the other day. My mom picked up my copy of "Don't Let Us Win Tonight: An Oral History of the 2004 Boston Red Sox" by Bill Nowlin and read it for a little while. This great book contains a lot of quotes from players, coaches, media members, etc. Afterwards, my mom stated that she really liked the book. She went onto say she knew all the players, like Pokey Reese and Mark Bellhorn, but wasn't sure who all the coaches were. Then it hit me. Not too many moms watch baseball with their kids, let alone know who the current star players are. Mine knows who Pokey Reese is. Thanks for watching baseball with me, Mom. Happy Mother's Day!

Have a Sox-related story to share? Leave a comment below! Happy Mothers Day from RSL!