Shane Victorino still not ready for rehab stint, placed out to stud.

Jennifer Warner 
Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe
In what feels like the worst relationship I have ever been in, I find myself writing about Victorino again. In this "make up and break up" writer-athlete relationship we seem to have, I may have to stop this ride at some point soon, get off, and move on. As much as I hate to say it, Shane Victorino (and his calf) are still not ready to begin his rehab assignment.

Last week I wrote to you all with the hopes and a kind of "child on Christmas day" wide-eyed joy that my man, Shane, would begin his rehab assignment this week. Do you remember last Friday when I reported that Red Sox Skipper, John Farrell was "hopeful" Vic would begin his rehab assignment earlier in the week. Then, last Tuesday, Farrell commented that he hoped it would begin by "mid-week". Yet, here we are on Friday, a week later, and no progress has been made.

"There's been no advancement in his running progression so to give you any sense if we're getting closer to a rehab assignment, we're not there yet," Farrell reported. "We'll probably get a better read as we get through the weekend." Tease.

Let's just call a spade a spade here. Stop with the "it's not you, it's me" routine, Johnny boy. Bottom line is, Victorino is just not ready. Will he ever be and be able to stay healthy? I have been one of Vic's biggest supporters, but I am afraid I may have to agree with other sports writers out there and say that it may be time to put Shane out to stud.

In the meantime, all we Red Sox Nation members can do is pray to the frozen head of Teddy Ballgame that somehow Vic is stricken with some Wolverine X-Men-style mutant healing powers, because if not, we may not see him back on the field anytime soon.

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