Wade Miley gets into heated argument with John Farrell

Jorge Camargo
Contributing Writer

Screencap taken at MLB.TV
The Red Sox haven't played good baseball against the Orioles in this series. The O's won the first game on a wild pitch while shutouting the Red Sox and in the second game Rick Porcello surrendered five runs in six innings, so tonight after Wade Miley gave up a a season-worst three homeruns in his first four innings John Farrell decided that the lefty was done. As soon as Farrell approached Miley to tell him he was done, they got into a heated argument. It's unclear what sparked the whole situation, but Steven Wright was ready to go at the end of the fourth inning since Farrell had him warming up in the third when the starter got in trouble, and you could figure that Miley didn't appreciate it.

This is not the first time that Miley shows up against a manager during a game. He was caught in a similar situation last season when he was still with the Diamondbacks, when manager Kirk Gibson replaced Miley with a pinch-hitter in the third inning after he gave up three runs and five hits in two innings of work.

The following is from Michael Wagan of The San Diego Union Tribune:

"I just wanted to stay in the game and correct it. That was what I was most frustrated about," Miley said. "Everybody in the stadium knew I was struggling to find it. My arm felt really, really good — the best it's felt in a while. I just wanted to go back out."

Maybe Wade Miley has not been as brilliant as we want him to be, but at least he is still showing that he cares. It's great to see some hustle from someone else besides Bogaerts, Holt or Pedroia; even though Miley didn't show it in the field. Actually this is something that reminded me a lot from John Lackey, this is something that the 2013 version of him would get into.

We are still waiting on John Farrell's post-game press conference for more details about the incident with Miley.

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