What just happened? Front office recap

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What is going on with the Red Sox front office. Over the last 2-3 weeks, we have seen major changes in coaching and management. Some good, some bad. If you missed any of the moves, heres your recap of what just happened in the offices upstairs:

July 31st - Larry Lucchino steps down

The end of the 2015 marked the end of Lucchino's contract, but he decided to call it quits before hand. As Lucchino steps down from the team president position, Sam Kennedy will replace him, a Lucchino protege for nearly 20 years. But don't expect Lucchino to be completely gone, he is still expected to take on a lesser day-to-day role with the club. It will be interesting to see what the day-to-day role looks like, but for now Sam Kennedy is the Red Sox new president.
The long time Red Sox Lucchino is stepping down
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August 11th - Jerry Dipoto hired

A familiar name here to some, the former 2004 scout for the Red Sox is back, but in a new role. After 3 and 1/2 years in Anaheim, Dipoto resigned as the Angels GM. He has the chance to take over as the new GM, but seems to be on board just to help reshape the roster this offseason.

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August 13th - John Farrell diagnosed with cancer

The biggest and probably the worst news here. After going through hernia surgery, doctors discovered lymphoma. Farrell described it as "very treatable" but expects to go through about 9 weeks of chemotherapy. But as Farrell works his way back, will the coaching job be waiting for him? After poor 2014 and 2015 seasons, it might not be. Either way I expect Farrell to be helping this team in one way, from the dugout or in the offices upstairs. But as of now, go destroy cancer.

August 13th - Torey Lovullo takes over as coach

With the news of Farrell's cancer, the Red Sox needed a new coach to finish the rest of this awful year. They turned to bench coach Torey Lovullo. Lovullo who was the Paw Sox manager in 2010, now has been the bench coach for Boston for 3 seasons now. Theres not much pressure on Lovullo as the Red Sox have probably clinched last place, but it'll be interesting to see how he does.

August 18th - David Dombrowski hired

Dombrowski is the new man
for the Red Sox
Maybe the most exciting news this offseason. The Red Sox found there new President of Baseball Operations in David Dombrowski. A proven leader and winner, Dombrowski is the perfect man to reshape this team. He was released from his contract earlier this year with the Tigers, after a 14 year relationship that included seven winning seasons, four division titles, and a few World Series appearances. Plus Dombrowski used to work with Henry back in Florida in 1997. Dombrowski has a huge task ahead to reshape this team. He's known for trading top prospects for proven talent, and has the pieces to do that with the number one farm system in baseball. But Dombrowski has said he's not here to "blow up the organization". No matter what he does, he has to start by recovering from Cherington's mess by trying to dump Hanley Ramirez, Pablo Sandoval, Rick Porcello and maybe more. He also has to help this pitching staff which ranked dead last in ERA in the American League so far this season. A busy offseason awaits, and we will have to wait and see how Dombrowski reshapes this team.

August 18th - Ben Cherington steps down

As the Dombrowski news takes over the Red Sox, Cherington was put in a tough situation. He was given the choice to return as the GM of the Red Sox for the 2016 season. If he returned to the Sox, he was aware Dombrowski would hold all the power. Knowing this, Cherington stepped down and will not return to Boston next season, but has said he will assist Dombrowski with the transition to Boston. Cherington has been with the team since 1999, and the GM since 2011. He's had his great moments and his awful ones. He is responsible for huge contracts like Hanley and Pablo, responsible for maybe stunting Bogaerts' development by resigning Stephen Drew, but also responsible for putting together the number one farm system in all of baseball. Cherington should find another job easily, but it won't be with Boston.
After a 2013 World Series, the Sox have finished last in the following two seasons
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After a series of moves in the front office, the Red Sox have to fix many things still, like getting players who will help this team. Plus we need a new General Manager, they could promote newly signed Jerry Dipoto or explore the market for someone completely new. No matter what happens, the Red Sox have a long offseason full of changes ahead of them.

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