'Tis the season: Hanley holds a Twitter contest

Ian Vescera (@Ian_Vescera)
Contributing Writer
Photo via bostonglobe.com
In accordance with the season, Hanley Ramirez was in a giving mood on Tuesday night. Hanley decided to do a Twitter giveaway where two lucky followers would receive a pair of autographed Hanleywood cleats. There was one catch however. Followers did not need to retweet this like most giveaways. Two random winners would not be chosen. Hanley wanted his followers to work for the prize.

Instead of just giving them away, he held a contest. As seen in the tweet below, Hanley asks his followers to draw their best cartoon version of Hanley.

The Twitterverse did not disappoint as Hanley received many good drawings, including one by myself. Now, I am no artist by any means, so my chances of winning are pretty slim. However, I think I nailed the key points here. Hanley has the do-rag on, the dreads are flowing, and the muscles are huge. In my eyes, this is a quality piece. Hanley even approved of it himself saying it better be framed when I send it to him. That is a win in my book.

I always love when athletes engage with their followers on Twitter. It shows a nice human element to the players. It only causes fans to like them even more. Especially with giveaways, it gives fans something to look forward to and it is a very nice gesture.

No word on who the winners are yet. I'm still hopeful...

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