Happy Truck Day, Red Sox Nation!

Jim Monaghan
Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of the Boston Red Sox
Yes, it's silly.

Yes, it's more than just a bit contrived. Heck, the team has even gotten Jet Blue to sponsor the whole thing.

And yes, I get that a lot of people think it's just another excuse to sell tickets by a team that has now finished last three of the last four years.

Photo courtesy of the Boston Red Sox
But there's also no denying that Truck Day is a sure sign that spring...and baseball...are not too far off.

February may seem like the longest month of the year (and there's an extra day in the month this year to further that perception) but once the clubhouse staff starts loading the golf clubs, bubble gum, bicycles, guitars, and - by the way - all that baseball equipment onto the truck, only the most caustic cynic would deny the optimism that comes with knowing pitchers and catchers are reporting in just a few days.

And it hasn't gone unnoticed that a lot of other teams have jumped onboard with their own "Hey, look! It's an 18-wheeler filled with a lot of stuff!" promotion.

Happy Truck Day! Opening Day is just 54 days from now.

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