Looking Good Pablo?

Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe
Ryan MacLeod (RyanMacLeod15)
Contributing Writer

On Sunday morning Pablo Sandoval arrived in Fort Meyers, FL and reported to Red Sox Spring Training a few days early. While the early arrival of Sandoval is a good sign, his attitude and appearance has removed the good sign and been replaced with a caution sign. He believes that "Last season was not a disappointment. It's baseball. It's a surprise." He also said that he does not care about stats, but instead about wins. Well Pablo, the team finished in 5th place in the AL East with 78 wins and 84 losses. You want to win? You lost more games than you won, thats disappointing, you're a disappointing.

He also contributed the statement that manager John Farrell made adressing the issue of Sandoval's weight. Farrell said Sandoval was not asked to lose a specific amount of weight, but instead to show up to Spring Training in better condition. Sandoval said that he was not asked by anyone in the organization to lose weight. Herein lies a fiasco. We have the manager of the team saying one thing, and the player saying something completely different. Everyone knows that Sandoval has weight to lose, if you disagree you should look again at the picture above. He's MASSIVE. Cut out the fast food Pablo, mix in a salad. Do cardio for once in your life. Good God, get a grip already you make 17.6 million dollars this year.

Sandoval also plans to attempt to return to switch hitting, he was a whopping 2-41 last season, a batting average of .048. He really plans on attempting this again? Let's hope that Farrell and Dombrowski shut that down early in Florida. It's time Sandoval took some accountability for himself. I get that he has won three World Series titles and one World Series MVP, but that wasn't in Boston. That doesn't matter right now. He needs to get on board with this team before he is handed a one way ticket out of here by Dave Dombrowski.

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