How do we Feel About the 2016 Red Sox?

(May 3, 2016 - Source: David Banks/Getty Images North America)
Evan Marinofsky
Contributing Writer 

Your Boston Red Sox, the team that was supposed to suck and have a terrible starting pitching staff and have their Manager gone by May 5th, are 17-11 and in first place in the AL East as of May 6th.


Not to mention that they just took two of three from the best team in the American League on the road. Crazy, right?

So how did we get here?

Well for starters, your $212 million ace (David Price) currently has the second-worst ERA out of your starting staff at 6.14. And yes, that is worse than Clay Buchholz if you just so be happen to be wondering. Your 5th starter coming into this season has the fourth-best ERA in the American League at 1.67 (Steven Wright). Rick Porcello has been dominant with his 2.76 ERA and 5-0 start despite all of the hate he received in Spring Training.

So the starting pitcher with the most talent and upside is currently pitching as if he's the worst? And this team's still in first place?


There is no doubt that this team wouldn't be where they are today without the offense. This group has the highest batting average in the league (.283) and is fifth in baseball for runs (147). You can't not mention this offense.

If this team has proved anything thus far, it's that it doesn't matter how great your offense is: if you can't pitch, you can't win. Especially in today's game.

FanGraphs currently has your Red Sox projected to finish the year at 90-72 -- which would make them the best team in the American League come year's end.

There's a question that I think needs to be asked, because it seems as if it's the elephant in the room.

Is the hype real?

Well, one thing's for sure: this is one fun team to watch.

They're a lovable group who seem as if they've found success. Right now, there's nothing more satisfying than watching Hanley Ramirez make NO errors at first base while hitting .286 with 3 ding-dongs and 17 RBIs in the process. There's also nothing more satisfying than seeing a healthy Dustin Pedroia hit .322 and be the leader and dirt-dog we all know he can be when not on the Disabled List.
And who could forget Jackie Bradley Jr. doing, well, everything. 

I could go on and on about what I love about this team, but that would take awhile and consume a lot of your time, so I'll refrain from it.

But I'm about to say something that may be a bit premature to say, and something no one actually wants to come out and say.

I believe in this team.

Yes, I believe. 

That doesn't mean I think we're headed for the World Series. Although some of my tweets may have the "#WORLDSERIES16", it's a bit of an exaggeration.

As Red Sox fans, we've become so skeptical of the local nine because of the turmoil we've been in since 2011. Take 2013 off the list and we've seen 3 last-place finishes, 3 different managers, 1 playoff-berth, and arguably the worst collapse in the history of baseball.

How could you not be skeptical?

Even after the September collapse in 2011 and the 69 win drama-fest in 2012, I still found myself holding my breath throughout 2013.

I feel good about the 2016 Red Sox. We have Eduardo Rodriguez on the way back, Price will only get better, Porcello and Wright look incredible, and Carson Smith is here.

All that matters is that this team is in first place. Let's take this one game at a time and ride this thing for as long as we can.

You never know: this could be the year.

It could even be 2013 all over again.

The real question is what do you think about this year's Red Sox? Continue the conversation with me on Twitter