Katie Nolan Wants In on the David Ortiz Retirement Tour

Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Ryan MacLeod (RyanMacLeod15)
Contributing Writer

It seems like everyone wants a piece of David Ortiz's going away tour. First up earlier this year was the Houston Astros, who gifted Ortiz with a Stetson Cowboy hat. This was something completely Texas and a thoughtful, but to be honest something that will likely never come out of the box ever again. While we watch and wait for Ortiz's amazing career to take one last tour through the Majors, we will see more gifts come from different teams around the league. But not only do baseball teams want to give Ortiz a gift, here comes the one and only Katie Nolan.

Don't know who Nolan is? That's fine. She's the host of EMMY NOMINATED Garbage Time With Katie Nolan, which airs on Fox Sports 1 on Wednesday Nights at midnight. She also has a podcast, which has the same name as her show. Nolan is a huge Boston fan, as she grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts. Last night, Nolan hosted the first episode of the third season of her show and she had a little segment about Ortiz. Watch the video below.

Nolan want's to give Ortiz a gift and what is better than a gift for just Ortiz? How about a gift that keeps on giving, especially to the people that care about him a lot. People like the people of New York who have had a love/hate relationship with Ortiz for about 13 years. The idea of giving Ortiz a bench in his honor in the middle of Central Park is fantastic and I'm sure that Ortiz would love it.

Unfortunately while the crowdfunding for the bench was going extremely well, as of 3pm today Nolan was over halfway to her goal of $10,000, the link to the bench donation was taken down. Unwilling to take no for an answer, Nolan and her team of producers are hard at work to get the site live again and make sure that Ortiz gets his gift from Katie. This is a fantastic idea, and a huge congratulations goes out to Katie and her entire team, especially if they pull this off. It would be perfect for New Yorkers who sit down on this bench to remember David Ortiz and all the memories he gave the city of New York.

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UPDATE: The webpage is back live and they are currently at almost $7,000 raised. Go to any of the websites listed in the video to donate!