#PapiMoment - This is our F***ing City

Brian Hines
Contributing Writer

The #PapiMoment series continues today as we look at one of David Ortiz's finest moments in a Red Sox uniform. And this moment is unlike many of the others, as it happened off the field.

April 15th, 2013. A beautiful day in Boston, which quickly turns horrific. During the annual Boston Marathon, two bombs were exploded by the finish line. Three spectators were killed and hundreds of others were injured. For the next four days, an intense manhunt was in place which shut down nearly the whole Boston area. After one suspect was caught and the other was killed, the hunt was over. The city was confused, angry and stronger as a whole.

Photo courtesy of Jim Rogash/Getty Images
Just five days later the city was still in shock, and nobody knew what to think. People were still uncomfortable gathering into large crowds, but 35,000 headed to Fenway to see the first sporting event since the bombings. Before the game, the Red Sox honored the victims, the police department, the governor, mayor and everyone else that played an important part of catching the suspects. This included a long, touching video montage which could bring water to the eyes of all Bostonians. 

When the ceremonies were coming to an end, David Ortiz took the mic. The leader of the team was never scared to hold back his thoughts, and wasn't about to be. The man born in the Dominic Republic who didn't live in Boston till he was 27 knew exactly what to say. I'll let you watch and listen,

Ortiz kept it short and sweet, but proved how strong Boston can be in the toughest of times. He went 2-4 in the game which the Red Sox won. The city rallied behind Boston Strong, while the Red Sox rallied around the city all the way to win the World Series.

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