Ortiz, Red Sox talking about role in front office

Brian Hines
Contributing Writer

Late Monday night, a series of tweets from former Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez peeked the interest of Red Sox fans.

Martinez shared that Big Papi has been "working out" and "is in baseball shape." Just under an hour later, Pedro clarified his tweet saying "I didn't say David was making a come back, I said David is in baseball shape because he works out..."

Either way, the tweet seemed like Pedro might know something we don't; perhaps Ortiz is considering a return. But Ortiz quickly went on to confirm he is staying retired at a charity event Monday night.

Photo by Keith Allison on Flickr/Creative Commons

"No, no (I'm not coming back). Not at all, man. I'm happy," he told Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe.

All year long, Ortiz has stayed away from the team and Fenway Park. The slugger doesn't want to interfere with the team creating a new identity in the post-Papi era.

"I just retired. I don't want to be bothering anybody. I'm like that. One of these days I'll show up," Ortiz said. "I just want to give the guys their space."

That day he does return will occur sooner rather than later. The Red Sox organization will retire Ortiz's No. 34 before their game on June 23. 

"It's coming up. I'm looking forward to seeing the fans," he said.

So for now, Ortiz will not be back with the team to play ball, but a transition to the front office is not out of the picture. 

"We've been talking. But right now I'm very busy," he said. "We're going back and forth, and at some point it's going to happen. That organization is what I am. We've been talking."