Price Still Doesn't Know How to Behave; Doubles Down on Eckersley

(July 21, 2017 - Source: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America)
Evan Marinofsky
Contributing Writer

"Just show your face"

That is what David Price told reporters on Saturday during his opportunity to apologize for berating Dennis Eckersley.

"If Eck was around, he'd know who we are," Price told reporters. "He's never in the clubhouse. Mr. Remy is always in here. Dave O'Brien is always around. Mr. Timlin, on the road trip, was always in the clubhouse. He's the only guy I've seen in my career that doesn't ever show his face in the clubhouse. There's a reason behind that."

So instead of apologizing to Eckersley, Price doubled down on his berating of the team's color analyst.

Smooth move, David.

It's so obvious that Price doesn't want to be here in Boston. Most players would have taken the time to apologize for an action such as this considering the backlash Price has received on various outlets for this Eckersley incident.

But nope. Instead, he basically said "Screw it: I hate this place and these fans can hate me all they want. I'm the tough guy around here whether you like it or not".

He also believes that he's a leader on this team.

This Red Sox team is turning into one of the most unlikeable groups I've seen around here in quite a long time. Now, don't get me wrong: the Red Sox have had their fair share of unlikeable players and managers over the years. But to have a group be hated this much by their own fans is downright appalling.

The minute that Dan Shaughnessy wrote that "Many players applauded" after Price tore into Eckersley, Sox fans knew that this group lacked a true backbone.

Even though the Red Sox pulled out a great 9-8 win against the Kansas City Royals last night, this team is falling and they're falling fast.

They don't need this extra luggage to be bringing them down too.

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