Pablo Sandoval breaking records after Red Sox, but not good ones

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Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Just last week I pointed out that the weakness of the Red Sox DH position was running at 0.0 WAR.

It meant that you can replace that with a Triple-A player and get the same results.

Well, maybe not every player.

Ex-Red Sox position player Pablo Sandoval is a major league player now on the Giants rooster and he's breaking records that you can't imagine.

Really, you can't make this up.

Mike Cole on NESN points out that Sandoval is on a historic run, well not-run actually.

While the Red Sox cut Sandoval and ate the remaining years on his $95 million contract, the Giants thought a return to the Bay area would help him get back on track.

They were wrong.

Sandoval has gone more off the cliff with the Giant than was thought humanly possible. He's not had a hit in his last 35 at-bats. In that span of 10 games he's only taken four walks and SO six times, so he is putting balls in play, just not with the results of an average Triple-A player.

This dramatic decline for Sandoval is hard to describe without using the word historical as he is very close to breaking the Giants longest streak without a hit. He's just three at-bats from breaking the record held by Johnnie LeMaster at 0-37 in 1984.

(note, the following tweet was posted before Sandoval went 0-4 with a BB last night)

The Red Sox dumping Sandoval is looking much better in the harsh light of reality out there on the West Coast now, isn't it?

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