Craig Kimbrel Declines Fenway Opening Day Offer

(Photo: NBC Boston)
Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Today is Opening Day at Fenway Park today.

It's better known in Red Sox Nation as World Series Ring ceremony day. It's a day every member of the Red Sox 2018 team has been waiting for and dreaming of. Expect to see eager faces, big smiles, and a few tears from the players on the field.

Every player but one.

The prolific closer from 2018, Craig Kimbrel , declined the offer as reported by NESN.

Chris Cotillo reported that Kimbrel spoke at length with Sam Kennedy.
Kennedy commented, "While he really appreciated our invite and outreach, he feels his attendance might create a distraction. Out of respect for his teammates, he has chosen to not attend. While disappointed, we totally respect and understand his decision."

It's hard to imagine making such a choice. While Kimbrel has had numerous postseason appearances dating back to 2010, this is his one and only appearance in the World Series and chance to pick up the accompanying ring.

It might never come around again.

Does Kimbrel think the fans would not appreciate his help in winning the 2018 World Series? Is he expecting negative sediment around his choice to pursue free agency?

It's understandable if a current job or logistics would hamper a player from joining the ring ceremony, but Kimbrel is not really doing too much right now.

It feels like a disfavour to the fans and to the player to not make this appearance. Shouldn't he enjoy the final cherry on top of the 2018 Red Sox World Series Champions?

How do the Red Sox plan to deliver Kimbrel's ring?

Would you send it through a postal service?

That's just not right.

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