Mookie, Brock, and now TB12

Jim Monaghan
Content Coordinator

Could 2020 possibly suck any more than it already has?

Mookie is in LA, Brock is in Pittsburgh, the Major League Baseball season won't start until...well...we don't exactly know, it feels like the entire world is on lockdown....

Photo courtesy of NESN
And now Tom Brady.

With TB12's announcement earlier this morning that he is taking his talents to a place yet to be determined after a 20-year NFL career that is likely to never be repeated again, there is an almost funereal pall over the New England region.

Brady was a multi-sport athlete in high school, and was actually drafted by the Montreal Expos as a left-handed hitting catcher.

In 2002, he took batting practice at Fenway Park and managed to wrap one around the Pesky Pole.

Watching Brady take aim at Fenway's right field makes you wonder what might have been had he opted to take the Expos' offer.

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