Official: Chris Sale needs Tommy John surgery

(Photo: Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

Another day, another jinxjob by yours truly. In what has been the most confusing offseason in recent Red Sox history, Chris Sale finally goes the Tommy John route.

First, he is told surgery is not necessary. Then, he’s back to a throwing program. Literally the very next day, the Red Sox go "never mind, we’re cancelling the season, just get over with it." At this point, I’m immune to surprise from 2020 but god damn can you chill for like 2 seconds?

On the brighter note, this is probably the best time for Sale to suck it up and get himself a TJ, one that he probably needed late last summer anyway. With 2020 already in a limbo, it was going to require some strenuous labor to stay ultra-competitive. Now the Red Sox need to continue their quest to finish off a pitching staff for a 2020 season, assuming it happens. And Eddie Rodriguez gets to have a "full" (whatever full will mean) season under his belt as the ace of the staff.

While we wait for official results from the Sale evaluation, we will safely say we will not see him pitch in Fenway Park until 2021 and that may not be a bad thing. Just take a look at how the Yankees have dealt with their injuries. Luis Severino will be the first to tell you Sale’s timing could have been worse. Get healthy, big man. We’re going to need you next year.

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