Pearce retires, and leaves with a parting shot

Jim Monaghan
Content Coordinator

2018 postseason hero Steve Pearce officially announced his retirement earlier this week.

Photo courtesy of USA Today
But before he left, he fired a parting salvo at Major League Baseball concerning its investigation on alleged sign stealing by the Red Sox during the championship season.

During an interview on WEEI, Pearce said, "That's such a joke to us. When it came out we were all kind of joking about it. We just want this to pass us. We won it fair and square. Whatever they accused us of, we were all kind of like, 'I can't believe this is even an issue.' Once the report comes out we're all going to be free."

Despite its claims that their investigation into Boston's activities is finished, Major League Baseball has continued to delay the release of its findings.

Pearce went on to say, "You don't like it, especially that we were the champions and individually I have that award. And we have this floating over our head when we just had such an unbelievable season. We had the perfect team and great camaraderie with everybody and then this gets thrown out here. We're just like, 'What the heck?' We just want this to pass us. We just want to play some baseball. Another bump in the road, I guess."

Drafted by three different MLB teams (Twins in 2003, Red Sox in 2004, Pirates in 2005), Pearce made his major league debut with Pittsburgh in 2007. He joined the Red Sox in a trade with the Blue Jays in June 2018 and ultimately was named the 2018 World Series Most Valuable Player, after hitting three home runs in the series against the Dodgers.

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