Has the bottom fallen out for the Red Sox?

Jim Monaghan
Content Coordinator

So remember a few weeks ago when we told you the Yankees were done?

Yeah...well...so much for that theory.

Tuesday's doubleheader loss to New York kind of sealed the deal on the Red Sox being in trouble.

Make that BIG trouble.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press
The starting pitching of Tanner Houck and Nathan Eovaldi (pictured) was good, but not good enough when the offense is being held in check by the likes of Jordan Montgomery and rookie Luis Gil.

Three straight walks in the bottom of the fifth - two of them to guys hitting UNDER .215 and all of whom scored - certainly didn't help.

Make no mistake here - manager Alex Cora has his work cut out for him. The team's free fall since mid-July is in line with some of the franchise's epic collapses from years past when you consider that the Yankees have literally made up 10 games in the standings in just six weeks.

The euphoria of the three-game sweep of the Orioles this past weekend has clearly worn off. "We have to be better,” Cora said after the game two loss. “That’s the bottom line. It’s frustrating that we are not playing the way we’re capable of, and it’s been going for a while in the sense that the offense is not where we want to be,"

With 40 games left on the schedule, there's still time. The Yankees are also throwing Andrew Heaney tonight, which is certainly good news for the offense.

This is a much of a must-win game for Boston as it's possible to have on August 18.

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