The Red Sox biggest obstacle is....

Jim Monaghan
Content Coordinator

Plain and simple?

It's themselves.

Consider the series against the Yankees at Fenway in which Boston needed to win just one of the three games.

Photo courtesy of USA Today

The fielding against the Yankees was beyond brutal. From Kyle Schwarber misplaying the most routine of infield pop ups on Friday night to Bobby Dalbec failing to catch a foul ball (FIND THE FENCE FIRST, BOBBY!) off the bat of Aaron Judge on Sunday, the lack of ability to take care of the baseball has been a constant theme all year.

After everything he's done this season, you want to give Nathan Eovaldi a pass for the debacle that was Friday night, but his effort was barely competitive.

And Tuesday's pathetic offensive display against the 106-loss Orioles - just three hits the entire game - was an absolutely classic example of a team playing down (WAY down) to the level of its opponent.

Where's the beef? More like where's the sense of urgency?

Look, it's OK to admit that the Red Sox fooled us earlier this season with the amount of time they spent in first place while the rest of the American League East struggled to find its collective footing.But the lack of fire in the belly has been a part of the team's makeup for a good portion of these final two months of the season.

Five games to go, and their destiny is completely in their own hands. Wednesday night's game in Baltimore is nothing short of a must-win event.

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