Start spreading THIS news - Red Sox send Yankees packing

Jim Monaghan
Content Coordinator

There were so many delicious moments last night in the 6-2 Wild Card Red Sox victory over the Yankees.  
Photo courtesy of USA Today

  • Xander Bogaerts taking center stage with his bat, arm, and legs.
  • Kyle Schwarber launching an absolute missile off Gerrit Cole.
  • Cole almost begging to be lifted in the bottom of the third inning - hey, $34 million a year doesn't buy what it used to.
  • Conversely, Nathan Eovaldi demonstrating what it means to come up big when your team absolutely needs you.
  • Alex Verdugo with a pair of key hits and three RBI's.
  • And let's not minimize former Yankee farmhand Garrett Whitlock being the one on the mound to close out the game in the top of the ninth.
And so many more.

On a night when ESPN felt the need the bombard us with 43-year old Bucky Bleeping Dent references, and Alex Rodriguez continued to prove that he is completely clueless in the broadcast booth (he spouted one factual inaccuracy after another), the Red Sox were the team grinding out at bats, taking extra bases, going deep when it mattered, and coming out of the bullpen to seal the deal.

The result was a trip to the Wild Card to face the Tampa Bay Rays beginning Thursday in Florida.

Even if the Red Sox get bumped in the ALDS by Tampa Bay, it's not a stretch to say that Chaim Bloom's trade-deadline strategy worked - the team knocked off the Yankees and didn't have to abandon the long-term plan to do it.

And one more thing - as Alex Reimer wrote on, the Yankees have spent $2,469,714,327 in payroll over the last 12 seasons. And they don’t have a single World Series title to show for it.

Make sure that sinks in.

Go ahead, Red Sox fans. Enjoy this.

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