Out in Right Field: Prince Fielder trains MMA, looks to TKO bullying

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport in America and widely considered as popular as the NFL within the coveted 18-34 male viewership market. With it's meteoric rise in both attention and participation it's not wonder more and more athletes from various sports are joining in on the current MMA trend. For Detriot Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder the opportunity to train in mixed martial arts takes on a personal appeal for both his kids and himself in the form of bullying prevention.

“It happened to me as a kid, and it happens to them as well,” says Prince Fielder, the All-Star first baseman for the Detroit Tigers. I just never want them to feel, have their feelings hurt or lose confidence, just because of what someone says,” says Fielder.

The 5'11, 275 pound Fielder is a monster on the baseball field so I can only imagine the terror he brings to the jiu-jitsu mat against other grapplers. Fielder and his two sons train at The VI Levels MMA and Fitness gym in Orlando, FL.

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