4 real? Four at bats that changed the game. Red Sox vs Indians 4-16-13

Game 13: With heavy hearts, The Red Sox win 7-2
Despite the tragedy happening about 48 hours earlier in their town, the Boston Red Sox traveled to Cleveland and continued with business as usual, winning 7-2 with a relatively weak offensive night. Red Sox batters struck out 16 times against the Indians pitchers, but all they needed was one inning to show the nation that they were still Boston Strong. Here are the four at bats the changed the game:

1) Top of second inning and the Red Sox break through to Ubaldo Jimenez and his early location problems. With the bass loaded on two walks and a double, Jimenez throws three border line balls to David Ross and eventually walks in a run. I am not sure how Ross did not swing at any if them, but his keen eye puts the Red Sox ahead. A sacrifice fly to right and a Jacoby Ellsbury single plate two more batters. Jimenez just can't locate his fast ball at all and walks five in the inning, and when you can find the strike zone, you have a short outing. Jimenez is pulled after 1 2/3 innings and the Red Sox lead 4-0 on only two hits.

2) Still top of the second inning and Cody Allen is pitching with the bases loaded after Jimenez leaves. The hot hitting mike Napoli swings at potential ball four and fouls it off, but then makes up for it on the next pitch by smashing a hard drive off of the left center field wall to empty the bases and give the Red Sox seven runs on only three hits. 7-0 Red Sox.

See video of the 7 run second inning here.

3) The walk bug is now killing Felix Dubront as well. Dubront walks Drew Stubbs to put men on first and second, then loads the bases with an Asdrubal Cabrera single to left field. With the bases loaded in the bottom of the fifth, Dubront throws a fastball high that David Ross can't handle, and the passed ball sends in a free run. 7-2 Red Sox.

4) Bottom of the sixth inning, and the Indians have something happening with men on first and second on a single and a walk. Clayton Mortensen is pitching versus Drew Stubbs. Stubbs struck out 166 times last year, and Mortensen goes for the jugular, getting Stubbs to look at strike three and keeping the game at 7-2 Red Sox.

Neither the Indians or Red Sox threatned to score again in the game, and the Red Sox take game one of the series 7-2. The next game of the series is Wednesday night at 7:05pm at Progressive Field.

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