Other baseball cities pay homage to Boston (with video)

Sweet Caroline was played across the nation
yesterday in a tribute to the people of Boston.
With the unspeakable events transpiring in Boston on Monday, many other baseball cities tried their best to keep Boston in their thoughts. Many teams, including the New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners, Oakland Athletics, Cleveland Indians and Miami Marlins played "Sweet Caroline" during their games at some point, and one team, The Milwaukee Brewers played the theme song to "Cheers" in honor of Beantown.

While the song won't do anything to heal the bodies of those affected, it shows Boston that the rest of the nation is with them, and even if for a minute, a little song by Neil Diamond might try to heal their soles.

Before yesterday's game,Yankees manager Joe Girardi said
I think it's important that we recognize that we're all behind the people in Boston and everyone that was involved. We're behind [the people of Boston]. We want to be there for them.

Red Sox manager John Farrell added,
Given what's taken place, this is fresh on everyone's minds. Even though we may not be in Boston right now, we carry this with us. We feel very much a part of the city and the community and everything that goes on there.

It is great to see how America's past-time can bring together so many people hoping for the same result. Far and wide, baseball fans showed a bit of humility to support Boston last night, and I am sure the people of Boston are thankful.

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