Best available options for the Red Sox

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Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

With 2 of the Red Sox targets going to other teams (Carlos Ruis to the Phillies and Brian McCann to New York), it's time to look at what the best free agent options are for the Red Sox. Let's assume that Jacoby Ellsbury is off the table here. Here are my top 4 free agents the Red Sox should look at.

1.) Re-sign Mike Napoli: Mike Napoli tops this list because he should be, and is, a big part of the Red Sox plans for the next few years and the Red Sox should make it a priority to re-sign him at 1st base. Do I really need to say more than that? He clearly wants to be here and the Sox want him back, so get him re-signed.

2.) Dioner Navarro, C: An improvement at catcher defensively. He is injury prone, but he would provide a solid partner to David Ross at catcher and he would bring a familiarity with the AL East, having spent a good chunk of his career at Tampa Bay. His nearly 30% caught stealing rate would be an improvement over Satly's 23%, and he would be less prone to throwing balls away like Salty did in the World Series.

3.) Brian Wilson, P: Brian Wilson could provide extra bullpen depth in front of Koji Uehara. He was the San Francisco Giants closer in 2010 when they won it all. Plus, his beard in 2010 was the original "Fear the Beard," so he would fit in well with Mike Napoli and Co. So, he's one to keep an eye on, as he could be a huge plus as a set up man for Koji. He is also looking for somewhere where he could go back to closing, and something to keep in mind is that Koji Uehara is 38 years old so how much does he have left?

4.) Matt Kemp, CF - He's being looked at as a possible replacement for Jacoby Ellsbury and while he could be a good replacement in center, that would mean the Red Sox would have to take on most of his deal, which is pretty pricey. If the Red Sox are going to take on another massive contract, I'm sure Red Sox Nation would rather it be Ellsbury, so we'll see what happens with center field.

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