A Happy New Year in New York for Drew

Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Not so much...

The first news of 2014 for Red Sox Nation is good news for Stephen Drew fans.

Not so good for Stephen Drew and his hopes of a big free agency deal.

Chances are looking better and better that he will be back in Fenway, possibly for a great price as far as the Red Sox are concerned.

Another big market AL East team has again rained on Stephen Drew's postseason contractual hunt into free agency.

After the Mets rained on his parade, this time the New York Yankees with their huge bankroll and no interest in keeping under the luxury tax pass on him.

On New Years Eve Brian Gammons tweets:

So much for that mega free agency contract for Stephen Drew.

Things are looking up for the Red Sox to keep most of their key World Series infield together for the 2014 campaign.

Happy New Year Red Sox Nation!

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