A-Rod lawyer suggests Red Sox are on the juice

(Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Suspended New York Yankees slugger steroid user Alex Rodriguez's lawyer intimated that some players on the Boston Red Sox may not be so clean themselves.

A-Roid's attorney Joe Tacopina appeared on Colin Cowherd's ESPN radio show on Tuesday.

Who could this bellyaching barrister be talking about? Hint: It's not Stephen Drew.

David Ortiz has faced the PED storm clouds before. In 2003, Ortiz's name popped up in an "anonymous" 2003 steroid survey and just last season the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy spun some 'roid rumors himself. However, Big Papi has denied any PED use and has never failed a drug test.

It's known that Ortiz and Rodriguez are friends. But, after this, one would imagine they won't be much longer.

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