It is utterly impossible to like these Red Sox

Bill Foley (@Foles74)
Contributing Writer

Every time I think I can’t possibly dislike the 2015 Boston Red Sox more than I do, they play another game.
Every time you think they finally hit rock bottom, they somehow outdo themselves.
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This team was the most frustrating Red Sox squad in history even before John Farrell intentionally put the winning run on base on Sunday in Texas.
After Sunday’s debacle, it looks like we have a new leader in the clubhouse when it comes to a bonehead move by Ferrell. Somewhere, Grady Little is laughing.
The previous leader of Farrell’s flubbers was pitching to Nelson Cruz with the winning run on second and first base open in Seattle. Intentionally walking the winning run, though, tops that one.
It is the No. 2 thing you can’t do in baseball. Right behind crying.
Of course, as the 2015 Red Sox prove, sometimes you have to cry in baseball. Otherwise, you’ll lose your mind.
For every reason to like these Red Sox there are at least two not to like them.
Mookie Betts has all the tools to be an electrifying player. However, Betts only attempts to steal a base every other week.
Hanley Ramirez hit 10 home runs in April. However, Ramirez’s defense in left field makes us long for Manny Ramirez diving to cut off a throw by Johnny Damon.
With the loveable, always all-out Brock Holt on the bench, we were forced to watch Allen Craig appear in 24 games.
The team leads the league in giving up first-inning touchdowns, and a 1-0 lead seems like 10-0.
When they finally call up Edwardo Rodriguez, he was brilliant. Then, because we know the way this team operates, we had to honestly wonder if he would be sent back to Pawtucket right after the game.
Luckily, we were told Rodriguez will get at least one more start. What we wanted to hear, though, was that E-Rod will be pushed up to pitch on three days’ rest.
The disliking of this team goes back to November when Ben Cherington seemed to make all the wrong moves. He signed Pablo Sandoval to play third when Josh Donaldson was available in a trade.
How fun would it be to watch Donaldson play at Fenway 81 games a year? So much for the team not hitting lefties.
Cherington didn’t want to spend on James Shields or Jon Lester, then he blindly opened the checkbook to Rick Porcello and WadeMiley.
Actually, it goes back to the previous offseason when the Red Sox never even tried to resign Jacoby Ellsbury, who already is everything we hope Betts will turn out to be. And now he’s in pinstripes.
The Red Sox have 111 games left in 2015. Unless they change things drastically — and soon — there isn’t going to be much reason to watch these guys the rest of the season.
Even if the rest of the AL East is taunting us by failing to pull away, the Red Sox have no chance of winning as is. None.
Change the manager. Change the general manager. Change something. Change everything.
Sunday’s loss was insufferable. For most struggling teams like that, you would expect such a disaster to signify rock bottom. Not for the 2015 Red Sox.
They’ll probably bottom out again Monday night when the Twins come to town.