Fateful night in 2008 ALCS Game 7

Photo courtesy MLB.com
Ben Whitehead
Contributing writer

What do you really see in the Boston Red Sox lately?

Be honest. REAL honest.

This is what I see. With the exception of the miracle year in 2013, which one could argue was mostly fueled by the tragic events of the Boston Marathon bombing, the Red Sox have been simply horrendous. It's hard to forget about 2013 because it was so recent. But sandwiched around the Duck Boat Parade are years of mediocrity, at best.

I take you back to the 2008 ALCS. A year after winning their second World Series in four years, the Red Sox found themselves vying for another crack at the Fall Classic - what would have been their third in five years. Game 7 was in St. Petersburg, Fla. against the hated Tampa Bay Rays

It is that Game 7 that has seemingly doomed Boston since. The Rays went on to win Game 7, 3-1, advance to the World Series, assert themselves as no longer the whipping child of the AL East, and more important the Red Sox have done little since.

Seriously think about this: The Red Sox have been in two postseasons the last six years and are headed toward making it 2-for-7. That comes on the heels of making it to the postseason 5 out of 6 years from 2003-08.

In 2009, the Sox were swept in the ALDS by the Angels. The only other postseason was '13, albeit, and I reiterate, that was a miraculous year that ended with a championship.

I just can't fathom that we are halfway through the decade and Boston has made one postseason. ONE!

Here's the rundown
2009: 95-67, 2nd AL East, Swept in ALDS
2010: 89-73, 3rd AL East, missed postseason
2011: 90-72, 3rd AL East, missed postseason (bonus note: finished September 7-20, leading to firing of Terry Francona)
2012: 69-93, Last AL East, missed postseason (Sigh, Bobby V year)
2013: 97-65, 1st AL East, World Series Champs
2014: 71-91, Last AL East, missed postseason
2015: 22-29, Last AL East so far...

Something's got to change, or this organization is headed down a road no one would have expected. At first, 2012 looked like a minor blip on the radar. Three years later, it appears 2013 was the blip, and that 2012 was more of the norm.

Let's hope change is afoot.