Shane Victorino to begin another rehab stint

Jennifer Warner
Contributing Writer
Shane Victorino to begin rehab stint for calf strain

In this life, there are a few things you can count on. Things like the sun rising and setting, paying your taxes (unless you're Wesley Snipes), Derek Jeter's name still being mentioned about fifty million times a day, and Shane Victorino starting another rehab assignment. This time with a calf strain.

In a season which has been plagued by injury for the 34 year-old outfielder, Vic has seemingly spent more time off the field than on. Manager John Farrell reported that he is hoping Victorino will begin his rehab stint early next week with the hopes of him starting with a "controlled number of innings and at-bats." Farrell also commented, "He's got to prove to us there's the ability to go nine innings a couple, three days consecutively."

Victorino has played in 20 games this season, batting .255 with one homer and three RBIs and with a less than stellar season in the works, there is no doubt the Sox need his bat, if he can stay healthy. As frustrating has this season has been for fans of Victorino, one can only imagine how frustrating it must be for Vic.  He has been a fan favorite since joining the team in 2012 and there is no question that he plays with heart and soul. He is a competitor.

Social media and the sports writing world have been abuzz since his last DL stint with questions as to whether or not the Sox should keep the injury-plagued right-fielder or trade him for some healthier and younger legs.  Following back surgery last season, a blown out hammy at the start of this season, and now a calf strain, it is no wonder.  Could it be time to let this Hawaiian fly?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, get well, Shane.  Red Sox Nation needs you.

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