The Laser show is back, and it's glorious

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Conor Frederick (@C_Frederick1016)
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The Laser Show is back. After a 2014 season marred by injuries, and a season that saw his power numbers bottom out (7 home runs, .376 slugging percentage), he finally seems to be back. He's already matched his home run total from all of last year, and he is providing a much needed spark plug at the top of the line up. He's batting .360 in 50 at bats (18 hits) and 2 home runs since switching to the lead off spot. His only 2 home runs came against the Minnesota Twins when the Sox visited Minnesota last week, but I've always believed that Pedroia is more of a contact guy anyway. If he hits 21 home runs like he did in 2011, that's a bonus.

Hopefully, Pedroia can stay hot, but the one knock on his game, if there is one, would be his lack of stolen bases. He's only stolen one base so far, and I would like to see him a little more aggressive on the base paths personally. If that's the only knock on his game right now, though, I'll take it. He's certainly doing everything else we could hope for as the lead off guy so far. The rest of the team just has to follow Pedey's example now, and the Red Sox will be golden. I just hope Farrell takes note and leaves him there, at least for the time being.

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