17 Chris Young At-Bats in and I Want Him Gone

(April 9, 2016 - Source: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images North America)
Evan Marinofsky
Contributing Writer 

Enough is enough.

We're 13 games into the season and after only 17 at-bats, Chris Young seems as if he doesn't fit into the Red Sox outfield plans.

From the get-go, Manager John Farrell has said that Young would start against left-handed pitchers which would mean he'd give regular left fielder Brock Holt the day off on those times in which the Sox would face a southpaw.

In the last two days, the Sox have faced their first two left handers of the season.

And Young had a grand total of 1 hit in 5 at-bats in those games. He currently sports a .118 batting average on the season and 2 hits.

With Farrell currently managing for his job, it's time he stop playing Young.

I understand that Holt has had 1 hit in his past 5 games, but he's still batting .267. And if Farrell wants Young in for Holt against lefties, Farrell should be fired solely off of that.

Holt is a career .289 hitter against lefties.
I mean come on.

And Holt is good enough to get himself out of a "slump".

With regard to Young, I get that he's a fourth outfielder. But Farrell should never be pressured or feel as if he needs to put him in just for playing time.

Jackie Bradley Jr., Mookie Betts, Holt: those are the three starting outfielders who should be starting 85% of the time. These three studs are young: let them play for crying out loud. Insert Young when any one of the trio seriously needs a day off.

And if Farrell wants to pinch-hit Young against a lefty toward the end of the game, go for it. But have it make sense.

So NOT Travis Shaw: he's a "career" .322 hitter against lefties. I put "career" in quotes because he doesn't even have a full year in the league yet.

At any rate, let Shaw and Holt bat. They're blossoming into cornerstones of the franchise and need to be playing every day for all nine innings. Not six or seven.

Farrell needs to lose the idea that Young has to play because the more that he lets him play, the more likely it is that Farrell's at home watching the Red Sox on Mother's Day, with Young sitting on the bench right next to Torey Lovullo.

And rightfully so.

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