Bullpen Cop Set to Retire

Sam Farmer - Contributing Writer (@samfarmer24)

Most Red Sox fans won’t know the name Steve Horgan, but he’s become somewhat of a legend in Boston since October of 2013. Affectionately known as Bullpen Cop, Horgan inadvertently has become a quasi-celebrity since that faithful ALCS game two.

David Ortiz’s grand slam in game two that year was one of the most famous moments in Red Sox history. The hit tied the contest at 5-5 against the Tigers and swayed momentum in a pivotal game. The gravity of the moment and the player behind it helped to make this such a special moment, but so did the reaction of Horgan; the Boston police officer assigned to the bullpen for this game.
Al Bello/Getty Images

As the ball flew into the bullpen, Horgan exuberantly threw his hands into the sky in celebration as Tigers outfielder Torri Hunter tumbled over the wall in a failed attempt to rob the home run. As the Fenway faithful erupted, the lifelong Red Sox fan and 27 year BPD veteran was right there in the moment with them.

Red Sox fans loved the moment and Horgan’s reaction and he was soon taking pictures in his pose with thousands of fans. Bullpen Cop has continued to roam the Sox bullpen during many games and even had a bobble head night dedicated to him in 2014.

The Boston legend has recently announced his retirement, and will be vacating both the bullpen and his position at the BPD in the coming months. Although Sox fans may not be seeing Officer Steve in the bullpen next year, his reaction to a pivotal moment in Red Sox history will long be remembered with the glory of the World Series Champion 2013 Red Sox.